HydroSeeding, known as ‘Spray on Grass’ is an efficient, cost effective method of applying, in one application, seed, mulch and fertilizer to any soil condition. Whether it is a housing development or your home lawn, with careful application of appropriate seed mixtures we can ensure your projects will germinate and grow with correct preparation and maintenance.

Our goal is to bring affordable quality lawns to all in the Canterbury Region.

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Erosion/ Dust Control:

It is essential to know how to exactly determine what type of erosion control is required on a specific surface. At ‘Spray on Grass’ we can correctly repair exposed land, enrich adverse soil and stabilize eroding slopes. With in-depth industry knowledge we use the most modern equipment and ensure a timely service. With Canterbury’s unpredictable seasons following manufacturers recommendations is essential. Our company strives for excellence and can assure quality will not be compromised.


Watering is the most important factor to the success of HydroSeeding.

Follow these steps for the correct aftercare of your newly sprayed grass.

  • Water frequently (3x daily) for 10mins, (0-3 weeks)
  • As roots establish water less frequently (3-6 weeks)
  • Avoid walking on the lawn for 1 month
  • Once grass is 75mm mow top 1/3 of leaf or 25mm
  • After 6-10 weeks apply slow release fertilizer

Different seasons require different amounts of water the above is a general rule but seek advice from our team of professionals. Less frequent watering encourages deeper root structure as the roots will ‘chase’ the water to improve drought tolerance.