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Welcome to ‘Spray On Grass’

Covering Christchurch and Canterbury and the entire South Island for all HydroSeeding, Spray on Lawn, and the installation of Ready Lawn which is sometimes referred to as Roll Out Instant Lawn.

Whether you want to choose Spray on lawn, Ready Lawn or start your lawn from scratch, or just simply want to  renew your existing lawn our experts are here to help.

‘Spray on Grass’ is proud to provide your full lawn preparation and seeding requirements throughout the Christchurch and Canterbury areas.

Our industry professionals will help you throughout this exciting process; from design through to completion.

You will be kept informed, your ideas will be heard.  The team at Spray on Grass know your satisfaction is our top priority.

We are HydroSeeding Professionals

HydroSeeding is a cost effective method of lawn seeding to grow a luscious healthy lawn in an extremely short time. HydroSeeding will strike in 3-7days with establishment in as little as 3-4 weeks. HydroSeeding, also known as Hydro-mulching, utilizes wood fiber (not paper which is a low cost alternative), to provide a nutrient rich seed bed for the seed to germinate.

At ‘Spray On Grass’ we use a slow release fertilizer to help the grass seed once germination occurs to accelerate growth.

The benefits of HydroSeeding make it the preferred lawn seeding method for:

  • Residential lawns
  • Subdivision berms
  • Erosion control
  • Soil rejuvenation
  • Areas with limited access
  • Areas where rapid establishment is required

At ‘Spray On Grass’ we utilize the highest quality lawn products available, the industry uses scientifically innovative advancements which we apply to our HydroSeeding solutions. This enables us to deliver the optimal product to achieve maximum growth, whether it’s a residential lawn, a construction site, agricultural, government park or highway, we will recommend and deliver the growth matrix which will achieve optimal grass growth.

Hydroseeding Professionals

We specialize in hydroseeding. The spray on application of premium wood fiber mulch, fertilizer, seed and water applied through a high pressure hose to a prepared soil bed.

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Lawn Preparation Experts

The key foundation of your new lawn is the soil, we will excavate, remove, deliver and spread the topsoil to achieve the optimal base to your lawn. With a substantial investment we highly recommend seeking our advice before beginning your project.

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Ready Lawn

There is always a time when instant appeal is required, whether a new build to meet the market, a lawn in winter or to keep our fury friends happy. We do not grow the instant lawn ourselves but can supply and lay it for a very affordable price, it is a great product and only the premium suppliers are used.

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