Lawn Preparation

Lawn Preparation Experts

The key foundation of your new lawn is the soil, we will excavate, remove, deliver and spread the topsoil to acheive the optimal base to your lawn.  With a substantial investment involved we highly recommend seeking our advice before beginning your project.

Lawn Preparation

Quite simply, the key to your success is the preparation.

At ‘Spray on Grass’ we specialize in lawns s, preparation is something we take seriously. We will not HydroSeed substandard lawns. 

Our Lawn Preparation Simplified:

  1. Mow/ Grass weeds if higher than 100mm.
  2. Spray off with Round Up or Glyphosate-based herbicide
  3. Rotary Hoe to a depth of 150mm
  4. Add 50-100mm of finely screened topsoil
  5. Level lawn to achieve a flat surface
  6. Compact area with lawn roller
  7. Lightly rake to loosen top 25mm

You Are Now Ready For Your ‘Spray On Grass’!

To achieve the correct depth for your root structure soil needs to be cultivated to a depth of 150mm. Canterbury soil quality varies from Stoney Selwyn to the sandy seaside suburbs we highly encourage customers to CALL US for free advice. Generally, 50-100mm of finely screened topsoil is required. Soil needs to be levelled and lightly rolled so it is firm enough to walk on but not too firm you cannot leave a line with your finger.


Water is essential for growth, your lawn will not strike or grow without it. At ‘Spray on Grass’ we can provide irrigation systems which will be a major time saver and a great investment to ensure lush green lawns year round. Watering is required daily once hydroseeding is applied for a minimum of 3-4 weeks. We have a variety of options from tap operated to fully automatic to suit almost any budget.