Ready Lawn

Ready Lawn Installation, Christchurch and Canterbury

There is always a time when instant appeal is required, whether a new build to meet the market, a lawn in winter or to keep our furry friends happy.  We do not grow the instant lawn ourselves but can supply and lay your Ready Lawn for a very affordable price, it is a great product and on the premium, suppliers are used.

Ready Lawn

At ‘Spray on Grass’ we realise there is not always the time or practicability to grow grass from seed.

Our suppliers certainly know their grass and we can provide instant lawn as a complete laying service (we do not grow it ourselves).

Ready Lawn, also known as roll out instant lawn, is a product which has become increasingly popular throughout Christchurch and Canterbury. Ready lawn adds instant appeal and adds a feeling of completion to a property and a feeling of complete satisfaction. At ‘Spray On Grass’ we stress the importance of lawn preparation. It is equally, if not more essential when laying Ready Lawn. See our ‘Lawn Preparation’ page for more information. As always we suggest getting the advice of a professional which we provide Free so do not hesitate to ‘Contact Us’ today.

The cost of instant lawn is substantially more than HydroSeeding but as we specialize in lawns our prices are extremely competitive, you may be pleasantly surprised how cost-effective our pricing is.