Irrigation Design and Installation

Irrigation Design and Installation:

Let's face it time is money, and the one thing no one has enough of is time.

During establishment and the warmer months a lawn will need an inch of water per square meter per week, thats 30Litres or one minute of watering per meter squared. A 180m2 lawn will 3 hours of watering per week over 6months of the year..... that's 78hours just in one season! Over 10years thats a month of constant watering.

Water is essential for growth, your lawn will not strike or grow without it. Let's face it the best lawns on your street either have an automatic irrigation system or a truly dedicated owner. 

At ‘Spray on Grass’ we can provide irrigation systems which will be a major time saver and a great investment to ensure lush green lawns year round. The best thing is if we are doing your preparation we have already cultivated the ground so installation by our professionals is extremely affordable.

We always recommend an automatic system running off the house mains, we can install a controller and explain the system so its hands off for you! Just sit back and watch your neighbors pull hoses around year after year.

Dripline to gardens or planter boxes are all services we offer.